Surviving is Hard!

Revolution has swept the town clean!
After three days huddling without food or clean water in basements or in sewers, the survivors are getting mighty hungry!
They take to the streets, hungry for action!
Also hungry for food!

Posters heralding the dawn of a brave new order are plastered everywhere, over doors and windows and bodies!
Enough of that!
The bright promises of tomorrow are torn down and burned for warmth!
The survivors are not unaware of the irony of this!
They form predatory militia style gangs, dedicated to life, liberty, and righteous beatings!
They form song circles in the darkness, dedicated to crying and community!
The survivors all like music, it is not so weird!

A fierce battle is fought over the desalination plant!
‘We need fresh drinking water!’ some of the survivors cry!
‘We love salt!’ cry the others.
In the end the plant blows up and no one wins!

Outside the town the revolution is still raging!
There is a huge battle with lots of tanks and gunfire!
Many brave people are dying!
The survivors don’t care about any of this, they just want to survive!
That is what it means to be a survivor!