A Slightly Flawed Execution

Marjane the clever, Marjane the sharp-eyed, went out to borrow some oil for the lamp from the pots her owner’s guest had brought with him.

“Is it time?” whispered the first pot, when she drew near it, which understandably put her on edge.

“Not yet,” she whispered back gruffly.

Each pot she passed did the same! Well, except for the last one, which did indeed contain oil. In the kitchen, staring into the light, she considered her options; murder swift and silent seemed the only solution.

She took a cauldron of oil from the full jar, and boiled it on the fire, then went out to pour it on the unsuspecting bandits.

“EEARGH!” shrieked the first bandit she poured boiling oil on, and all the rest kicked their way out of the jars and murdered the entire household in retribution. Whoopsie-daisy!