Litany of Symptoms

Pale gums.
White sores in the mouth.
Night sweats.
Recurrent colds.
Hair loss.
Development or loss of breast tissue.
Loss of smell or taste.
Red spots or rashes on the genitalia.
Bruised toes.
Persistent fevers or coughs.
Dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.
Blood in the mucus.
Dark brown or black stool.
Swellings at the armpit or groin.
Kaposi’s sarcoma on the legs or lips.
Disintegration of cartilage, leading to the reopening of old scars.
Teeth falling out.
Bleeding of the gums.
Panic attacks.
Sudden spasms of the hand or arm.
Soreness or tingling of the left arm.
Sudden facial paralysis affecting only one side.
Loss of strength on one side of the body.
Sharp stabbing pains low in the back.
Rupture of the kidneys.
Inability to form new memories.
A history of seizures.
An imbalance of humors.
Suicidal ideation.
Night terrors.
Heart palpitations.