Welcome to Detroit

So she’s tied to the block with the witch doing some witch shit, and her friend the possessed zombie comes sidling up to her and says, maybe I should kill you, you know, just so the witch doesn’t get your power.

“Excuse me?” says America.

you know, she’s just so powerful, says the possessed zombie, what with the magic and all the knowledge she got from using the evil book, it’d be pretty dangerous if she got your power to hop through dimensions, too. maybe i should just, y’know. kill you.

“Wait, where are you right now?”

oh well, says the possessed zombie, awkwardly, and coughs. in a collapsing dimension where an evil version of me was using the evil book to kill other versions of me across dimensions. we had a magic fight because he wanted to kill me. which i won. obviously

“But the zombie thing?”

well now i mean i couldn’t just leave you here where the witch could eat you, that wouldn’t work, so i uh i mean i used the evil book to cross dimensions and take control of this dead body of the version of me that tried to kill you. so you know i know that letting people hop dimensions is

he pauses

it’s bad i guess is what i’m saying. can’t let the witch do it, that would be

he pauses again

bad. that would be bad. i should probably kill you just to be safe?

Frankly by that point she’s seriously considering letting the witch eat her.

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