Wildly Noncanonical

the story I had to tell


Donnen Brennokofish had swum these reefs a hundred times, but it never got easy, especially when there was blood in the water like there was tonight. There was foul business adrift this evening, or he’d eat his trident. If only he weren’t saddled with a useless partner, maybe he could get to the bottom of it, but Javlen was so raw he might as well have been hauling fry in his pouch.

It was pure murder to put someone like that out on the reef, and he’d told the captain that, but she’d just skewered him with those green eyes of hers and told him to do his damn duty for a change. “He’ll get eaten alive,” he protested.

“Dammit, Brennokofish, you’re my best guard, but you’ve got kelp in your ears. Listen close, sharptooth: either the kid makes it back tonight or don’t bother coming in tomorrow.” He could almost love her, if she didn’t have an empty shell for a heart. He’d been down that road before, and all he got for his trouble was a drinking problem. Keep work work and love love, that was his mantra.