Vulpes vulpes

Heaven is a garden but Hell is a wheel.

In that time the old man and the fox came to the desert. The old man had murder in his eyes but the fox, being a beast if a clever one, had nothing in his eyes but his eyes, and bright and blue were they.

An anchorite, a man of faith, was sitting among the stones, eating the food of the dead. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“I am looking for a place to do murder,” said the old man, and brandished the fox, who just grinned.

“One place is as good as another for murder,” said the anchorite. “City streets no less so than empty fields.”

“This furry asshole,” and shook the fox, “has eaten my wife and not restored her to life.”

“It’s a fox,” said the anchorite. “What did you expect?”

“A fox, indeed,” said the fox, “but wiser than you.”