In Such An Empty Hour Confidences Are Born

We were met of course where else within the rich red womb of the oxygen bar all a little giddy from the gas and making eyes at anything that moved. Rich red talk bled through and veined with wordplay puzzles puns riddles all circling around the one final unspeakable thought the final aim of all gravity’s arc. We were sharp and ready for almost everything oh indeed fierce pirates of the mind freebooting if I may say so traders of intellect quick and cunning as the lazy breath in your lungs and the toast and taste of the bar in all ways.

He was some piece of flotsam drifting into our nets a crackling fry hooked too soon and gaping agasp on the fishhooks of our wit a triflin piece of Iowa pride gone eager to please and ready to fancy himself a cynical child of the city ground to a killing point on his own granite fury and we I am not sorry to say found him every child’s delight. Oh true find! We serenaded him with our pleasure and he grew honeydrunk with it.

We spun him out into the finest thread and wove him into the immaculate duck of the night stretched him airless and flapping upon our spars and well-prepared for anything indeed indeed went belling out beyond the stars.