The King pulls his kids together, because he is getting old and thinking maybe he’d like to retire and just drink and screw his way to death. “Tell me you love me more than anyone else,” he demands, the coquette.

“Oh, absoLUTEly,” says The Smart One.
“Omigawd, you don’t even KNOW,” says The Mean One.
“Yes, yes,” he purrs, “that’s niiiiiiice. And you, The Good One?”
“Geez, dad, I dunno,” says The Good One, who is good enough, but also young and horny. “I mean, you’re great and all, but SOMEday I’m gonna get laid and I’m PRETTY sure that’s gonna be rad as hell and MAYBE that’s cooler than you I dunno.”
“Oh, god, EW,” says The Mean One, who is married and totally just bones all the time. “Gross!”
“Yeah what the christ,” says The Smart One. “Don’t say that to dad, the hell is wrong with you.”
“Hey, wow,” says The King, “this was a TERRIBLE idea. I’m… I’m gonna… go. I’m gonna just go and… think about where life went terribly wrong. Jesus.”
“Gawd, excuse me for BREATHING,” gripes The Good One, and goes to call her boyfriend, who is totally nice AND from France.