The Conqueror Worm

A fine time! How long has it been, Annelus wonders, since xie last saw another one? Xie loses track, not that it matters; they have met, and that is enough. Strangers and relatives, traveling opposite ways on the disappearing road!

Annelus cozies up to hir. How long has it been, xie wonders, and forgets hir question even as xie asks it; what does it matter? They cozy up together, tip to tail, tail to tip, skin sliding smooth and hungry against skin, patient skin. The road, the appearing road, rolls itself around them in a white light that tastes like Annelus, tastes like another one, tastes like coming and going.

Annelus loses track, not that it matters.

The disappearing road, and Annelus forgets. A fine time later, a shiver courses along hir length, and xie wonders how long it has been. The road remembers, as Annelus does not, but what does it matter? The road bears their children away, sons and daughters of earth.