Some Sort of Holiday

Tank Girl and Magnum PI are hanging out by the punch bowl, talking about a lot of things, mostly aliens and the proper way for a t rex to eat a triceratops.

“It rips the head off,” says Tank Girl, with glee, “and then nibbles delicately at the tender meat of the face.

“Heck, yeah,” says Magnum. “The face is the best part. Tender as baby fat.”

They cackle madly and drink more. Across the room Jem, half in mufti as Jerricha, is talking convivially with Pizzazz. (They’ll make out later, to everyone’s unending delight.) Also, weirdly, about dinosaurs.

“They aren’t the biggest thing ever. They’re, like, only half the size of a blue whale.”

“Jesus, that’s big enough,” shudders Pizzazz, “have you seen those teeth? HUMAN. SIZED. Just look at the picture! God. There’s no bottom to an ocean with such monsters in it.”

The Mythbusters are digging it. Jamie doesn’t say much, but he’s slowly, wonderfully getting drunk as a lord and has nothing but good feelings for everyone.