Years Later, Humbert Reaches Out

based on a real (and really creepy!) personal ad

Do you remember (he writes), my littlest one, the stories I would tell? Of Isabella and her very special “angel”? Do you remember Isabella’s “true name”? These are deep things, “keys” you must have so I know you’re the right one.

You owe me no apologies. Have I not been generous? Was I not kind? Have I ever asked you for anything you weren’t willing to give? Have I ever asked you for anything other than sex? My demands were always few. You know I wouldn’t do anything to get you in trouble or raise any suspicions.

Call me. Discreetly; I have a proposal that will be to both our benefits. You are older now (and perhaps wiser?) I have learned so much since you left. So, so much.

Come alone. I love you. I need to talk to you. I need to … clear the air. Do you understand? Will you read this? Come alone, my littlest one.