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Oh, the salons of Paris, darling, I could tell you some stories. What a time that was! How beautiful and free we were! How young and beautiful and adored I was! Oh, I had admirers, you might say, swains, even. How the men loved me! And how strong and handsome they all were! But of course I had no time for them; who ever had time for men? Well of course we slept together, that’s what you do, darling, but nothing serious, no, no, nothing serious, just sex. We were living the high life of the mind! The sex was just friendly, easy sex, not that there weren’t always such complications! Oh, we had so many theories. We lived on theories then, always rules and right ways to do things and then when you ran up against someone with different theories, well, that’s when things got complicated. But it was all good fun, though sometimes awfully distracting.

No, we were glorious thinkers, up every night until the very edge of dawn, talking, arguing, explaining everything. There wasn’t an author we hadn’t read or met, a famous artist we didn’t own and buy drinks for in the Montmartre! But then we were so serious, too, always worried about where we were going, what we were doing. We were positively going to change the world, darling, absolutely we were.

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  1. And in the wake of the war, the world changed you.

    Ok, ok, I'll stop commenting now.

    For just a little while :P

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