Jack Likes Spiders

This is a guest post by Marissa. Inspiration for this poem came from this image.

Jack likes spiders.
Spiders are the coolest.
They will weave a web
And turn your bug guts to jelly.

Jack named his pet spider
Chelicerea Pedipalps
Even though his brother said
That name was too long.

Jack’s mom hates spiders,
She says, “No spiders.”
But he keeps Chelicerea a secret
In a shoebox under the bed.

While Jack is at school
Chelicerea is spinning webs
To catch the doodle bugs
He will bring her after recess.

When Jack is feeling brave
He lets Chelicerea climb
Over the tops of his hands
And she feels like a whisper.

Jack wonders what he tastes like
When she brushes over his fingers
With her tiny, sensitive hairs.