This is an image post. Inspiration for this sketch came from this image.

You come to in the driver’s seat, hands steady on the wheel and the road throbbing away into darkness. You don’t think you’ve been asleep, but there’s a long empty stretch back of your eyes and you can’t push through it to the other side. What time is it? Where’s your city?

There’s nothing out there. The headlights throw you back a circle of trees, a ribbon of highway, jewelflash of animal eyes darting from shoulder to shoulder. No stars, no moon, just a dim red glow like a banked fire. Off on the horizon flashes of lightning. The car growls beneath you like a beast all teeth and wild hunger.

Morning catches you miles from anywhere. It’s been hours, and you haven’t seen a sign of anything you recognize, not so much as a telephone pole or stop sign. The gas gauge hasn’t dropped an inch in all that time, not so much as a flick of the needle, and you’re starting to figure things out. You’re not sure who whammied you, or why they wanted you out of the way, but you’re getting home if it kills you. You leave your shoes nailed to the red dirt of nowhere, and trace the anchor of their wandering back up the river of asphalt.

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