Anything You Have, I Can Take Away

Belloq was halfway through her lunch when the second researcher came in and rudely yanked it away from her, ripped the plate out of her hands and threw the milk in her face. It was over so quickly and the room gone quiet again; she stared at the milk dripping down over her surgical gown and wondered if it had really happened.

Nothing happened at dinner, but in the middle of the sleep period the first researcher came in, blew an airhorn in her ear, and jerked her covers away. By the time Belloq was fully awake, she was alone. She lay awake for hours, shivering and twitching at every noise.

Every couple of days, the same thing: the second researcher pulled the book out of her hands, the first researcher abruptly cut off the water when she was showering. They took her chair away from her, then replaced it but took away the table. After three weeks Belloq snapped, and tore the room apart, as much as she could. She tried to throw the chair through the two-way mirror, but it just bounced off.

Behind the glass, the researchers smiled, took notes, and dreamed of funding.