A: interjection, used by the Fonz
B: the woman who cleans the ashtrays
C: vitamin responsible for preventing the lack of itself
D: the woman who wouldn’t smoke, swear or screw… until she did
E: interjection, of delight
F: a very versatile letter, being noun, verb, adjective and adverb
G: interjection, popular with young men in tights
H: dangerous narcotic, delivered intraVnously
I: the postulant
J: man’s name, favored by those young men dreaming immigrant dreams
K: woman’s name, short for itself
L: English length equal to six handbreadths
M: French honorific, common to detectives and gourmands
N: the width of a line
O: the littlest death
P: a small vegetable; comes pre-wrapped
Q: a line of people
R: to be, specifically, to be a pirate
S: a double curve near Renton
T: small wooden spike topped with an equally tiny wooden platform; holds balls
U: the querent
V: flock of geese with an agenda
W: former US president
X: seminal California punk band
Y: a question for chromosomes
Z: the second most flexible letter; every wZord is bZetter wZith sZome.