[Enter a Man and a Woman, in conversation.]

Man. It’s no use your arguing with me. It’s got to be done and that’s that.

Woman. I urge you reconsider.

Man. I am resolved. It’s murder that’s been done and murder’s all that’ll speak to it. Blood must pay for blood.

Woman. And where will it end? Blood pays for blood and the spiral goes winding up forever.

Man. Even so.

Woman. If not for yourself then for me.

Man. No.

Woman. If not for me then for yourself.

Man. No.

Woman. If not for yourself or for me then for your revenge. Revenge is sterile, it bears no children, it flourishes no fields, it winds up nothing but the murdered and the murderer.

Man. No.

Woman. Well, then. If you are resolved –

Man. I am resolved.

Woman. – then it must be done and I wash my hands of it.

[She leaves him standing in the center.]

Man. [to himself] Blood must pay for blood and family must stand for family and death is a way out for every suffering animal. There is no answer but the acting of it.

[Enter Other Man.]

Other Man. Hail-fellow-well-met.

Man. [to himself] Best done quickly. [he stabs the Other Man. Exit.]

Woman. [sadly] And where does it end? Where is the top, where is the bottom? Who shall say, here you shall come, but no further: here shall your native pride be stayed?