Jimmy Henry

I never met Jimmy Henry but I’ve heard stories.

Jimmy Henry was tall – eleven feet tall. Of course, three feet of that was pompadour, but that’s still pretty tall.

Jimmy Henry was homeless when he came to Bellingham, but before that he’d been God-Emperor of Canada until they forced him out.

Jimmy Henry got drunk one night and made such hideous faces at the old city hall that the clock stopped and hasn’t run since.

Though he’d never ridden a bike before, Jimmy Henry rode from San Francisco to Duluth. He got caught in a snow storm outside of Topeka and had to eat his own left foot to survive. Luckily it grew back before the storm ended or riding his bike would have been hard.

Jimmy Henry once fought off an entire squadron of time-displaced Japanese bombers with the help of Falcor, his luck dragon. Oh, Jimmy Henry had a luck dragon, by the way. Its name was Falcor.

Jimmy Henry owned a clothing store called the Blue Moon. He sold used clothes there, but it was really a front to cover up his zombie business. Jimmy Henry made a lot of zombies. When he left town he let them all loose on Railroad Avenue. You can still see them, Jimmy Henry’s lost zombie children, wandering the streets of Bellingham, any night of the week after two.

One thought on “Jimmy Henry

  1. Ahhhh….Jimmy, Lord knows I missed him before he left, but now that he's truly “gone”, the Devil knows I miss him. Jimmy was what attracted me to spoken word. To watch his performance/life was truly an education in humanity.
    Thanks Jimmy, now I can say what I never could while you were here…
    I love you, Man.

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