A Cross-Eyed Tinker’s Damn

Stranger days…

In a city on the coast of California a man is arrested for slight charges: public intoxication, perhaps, or possession of an unregistered firearm, or for attempting to buy a very small amount of narcotics from an undercover police officer. During a routine search of his apartment the police discover a cooler full of dry ice and humanity; underneath the ice is a dead woman. “Religious reasons,” is all the man will say. Investigation indicates that she was not murdered.

In a small town in Iowa, an previously unknown species of bush grows up around the edge of a country club swimming pool. When they bloom, the bushes cry “Murder!” with a human voice. Half a year earlier, the body of a drowned man was found floating in the drained pool after missing for several months. His arms and legs bound were loosely with tape. His death was ruled a suicide. Several attempts are made to burn the bushes out; all fail.

Several right feet have washed up on the eastern shores of Pig Island, an uninhabited dot off the coast of British Columbia. They are all wearing designer sneakers. All of them are untraceable. No bodies are found missing right feet. They might have come loose from bodies sunk into the Haro Straight; they might have come from anywhere.

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  1. The last paragraph is true (for a given value of “truth”) – but it's the southwest end of Vancouver Island as a whole where the feet are showing up.

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