Strange radiation from space brings the newly dead back to life for reasons no one has time to explain. They come out of the ground in suits a year or two out of fashion, stumble from morgues naked except for little white tags, lurch mangled and jerky out of automobile accidents, plane crashes, train wrecks… There’s a lot of panic at first, but it turns out zombies only want one thing, and that’s love. No one’s really happy about it. No one wants to be loved by a zombie, and no one wants to love a zombie, but it could be worse. The zombies are polite, shy and sweet, a little bit romantic. They bring gifts, they sing songs, they write poems that aren’t very good, they avoid eye contact. The zombies have the advantage of numbers and recruitment. If they wanted something they could just take it, but they only seem to want honest love, sincere love, which is harder. Sometimes the zombies cry when they think no one can see them. It’s a horrible thing, dead eyes trying to weep through ducts dry as dust.

Of course there wouldn’t be any problem at all if the zombies would just date each other, but that never seems to occur to them.