Tegenaria Magnacava

There’s a lot of beautiful writing out there in the world. For example, this, from NoBuggy.com:

The most well known of the U.S. black widows is the southern widow, Latrodectus Mactans, whose latin name translates “murderous biting robber”.

You might be asking yourself why I’m looking at information about terrible spiders; as it turns out I’ve had a couple of tanglings with hobo spiders, but figuring out that that’s what they were has taken me into dusty, cobwebby areas of both my house and the realm of human knowledge that I would have been more comfortable avoiding. Though — and I admit not being immune to the lure of this — the part of me that likes goth people and enjoys a good haunted house is entranced by the cobwebs these mendicant spiders leave in the nooks and crannies of my kitchen. When the fridge compressor kicks on, all the webs wave back and forth, back and forth, like both garden gates and seaweed. Eyes peep forth from the shadowed interior, ancient, arachnid, and mild. When I’ve been drinking, or haven’t been sleeping well, it seems that I could almost trace the blasphemies of the gods in those heavy funnels; Arachne, transformed and suicided, but angry still, ever the reformer.