Forward the Lineal Tree

Don’t let her go to sleep, that was Doctor Holsti and he was holding something cold between her legs, probably it was ice. She was so tired she was exhausted from the “Labor” but people kept pinching her and calling her name. She said, “yes, yes what is it” but no one ever answered her. She kept remembering what they wanted her to do and then forgetting and getting annoyed. She said “leave me alone can’t you.” Nick started to tell her a story, the story of his life like the Dr. had said to, but she kept interrupting and crabbing at him but he just kept talking to her and calling her name when she looked like she was going to sleep. The Dr. had told him to keep her awake and he sure did, even when she didn’t want him to and flew at him.

Finally they took the ice away, it was ice it turned out and said she was O.K. and she could go to sleep now. She wanted to see the baby first but it was so tiny, only 4 lbs. that they were doing everything they could and weren’t sure but that it might die so she didn’t. When she did finally it was wrapped in so much cotton she could barely see its face, her face really, since it was a girl but when they gave it to her it moved in all the cotton and she knew it was O.K. and that everything would be O.K.