The PR Machine

I don’t know what the etiquette is on this, but I’d like to thank Brendan for linking to me, and Charlie Place and Luis Abbadie for their letters.

(It’s worth noting, for the record, that everything I write is fiction. There’s bits and pieces of real stuff all over the place, but none of these are intended to be strictly factual, and should not, for example, cause you to spend many many hours looking for a rare book or piece of occult lore. If you’re wondering what’s real and what isn’t — just drop me a line at quintusflaccus AT gmail DOT com and I’ll tell you what I know and what I’ve just made up!)

Also thank you to everyone who has incorporated the Fabian Society into what they do. 8763 Wonderland, Sh*t Storm, House of the D., Errewail, Ty’s Blog Placeholder, and Cosmophilia, you guys are great.

Also also a very special tip o’ the pin to Sleeping Leveret, who was flattering enough to cite the Fabian Society as an inspiration. He appears to be sleeping very soundly these days, sadly, but I keep hopin’.

I think that’s everyone. If you like any of this stuff, um, could you tell people about me? I’m a bashful kind of a dude and I’m broke but I admit I’m not immune to the lure of more readers. If you send someone an email and send me a copy I’ll pull a 200 word story out of it, just for you. If you want me to. You don’t have to!