The Pelican Which Feeds Its Young with Blood

Because she was descended from Bradamante and Ruggiero, God spoke to Lucia sometimes.

“There are four letters in my name,” He said, “traditionally. For this I am called, Tetragrammaton, which is Greek in derivation, though I am not, neither Semitic, nor of any other people of Nations. It is better to say they are of Me.”

“Sure,” said Lucia, and wondered where all this was going.

“But the four letters are Hebrew, yod, he, va, he of varying values. Much has been assigned and derived from these letters, and much of beauty and elegance and utility. Pelicans and astrology and nails and the calendar of the years are there in my Name; how much more might they be in Me?”

“Well,” said Lucia.

“Now, this too they knew, the ancient People, that of three stones you may make six houses, and of four, twenty-four. To my name they applied these rules, and found yet more there to discover; I am twelve and I am twenty-four, alternately, and still four. Later I was three, and I was one; and what contains One contains Everything.”

And still Lucia wondered.