Embossed With The Double Seal (Couchant, With Ball Poised)

(Normally there’d be something here, even if it were only the edge of the map and the misty shapes that might be dragons or might again be manatees, but change has come to Chaos, and amino acids adrift in the goop are linking arms and singing and longer chains are forming and it might be trouble.

Or it might be Izanami and her husband stirring the cauldron of Ocean, bone-white fingers graceful on the jewel-laden shaft of the spear of the heavens; where the spear passes Nemesis trails after, night’s daughter, darkling daughter.

And the spirit of God was upon the water, and restless over the surface of the water. And the lights went up toward the sphere of fire and and the earth settled down upon the water, heavily, and that was evening, before there was day.

Indeed there are many things in the world. There might be a reflection shining in a droplet of sweat. Brahma might be planting the golden seeds. Flowers might be important. Perseverance furthers? It’s all very confusing; but the protein chains sing them all so sweetly.)

Instead there’s an egg.