for nerds only

“You have to hurry,” said Barbie. “There’s big, big trouble… in space!”

“But Barbie,” I said, brushing my long, lustrous black hair out of my face — my beautiful face — “I’m needed here. On Earth.”

“It’s okay, I have magical space powers, because I’m a magical space princess. You can come with me and save all of space and no one on Earth will know.”

“Not even my mom? She knows everything.”

“Not even your mom! Now, hurry!”

And Magical Space Princess Barbie whistled and her unicorn came down out of the sky, his voice like a big, silver trumpet.

“Hi,” he said. “I’m a unicorn.”

“Hi,” I said, and tried to hide behind Barbie. “I’m Amy.”

“My name’s Algebar. Algebar means ‘leg of the mighty one’.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m very smart.”

“We’re going to be friends,” said Algebar. “I can tell!”

And Barbie, Algebar and I rode out into space, to save the universe from a terrible, terrible evil.

“I’m kind of scared, Barbie!”

“Don’t be! We’ll surely win, if we all just work together!”