Leaning Your Head Against the Window of a Moving Bus

On long bus rides Charlie always seems to get the sleeper, which doesn’t bother him so much as it might because most of the sleepers are both polite and warm, and usually girls. He’s quiet and doesn’t read on the bus because he gets motion sick, so he has a lot of time to watch the face of whoever’s using him for a pillow.

This week it’s Sonya, long-haired and busty, moon-faced, friendly, and she sleeps with abandon, mouth open and snoring genteelly, forehead pressed against his shoulder.

“You two dating?” says the kid in front of him, someone he doesn’t know, a new kid, maybe named Murphy.

“No,” says Charlie.

“Got a crush on you, though, doesn’t she?”

“I don’t think so,” says Charlie. “I think she’s just tired.”

“You sweet on her?”

“Not really.” Charlie shrugs. “She’s okay. I don’t mind.”

The kid who is maybe Murphy stares at him. “You’re crazy, man. Nobody just takes a nap on somebody.”

“She’s got a boyfriend, he’s back there.” Waves a hand and the boyfriend waves back cheerfully.

“So, what, you’re just a pillow?”

“Pretty much.”

“Man, you’re all crazy.”