Oh, But Rhubarb!

In with the salt, out with the sugar.
Jules and Jim went for a walk to Toddling Town.
Jules hid his hands in his hat.
Jim, though slim, took up with a gal who was fat.
In the with sugar, out with the salt.

In with the wine, out with the milk.
Magdalena and Margaret climbed the hill after the moon.
Magdalena carried a bucket of blood.
Margaret swallowed many waters, held her breath forever.
In with the milk, out with the wine.

In the bread, out with the meat.
Eric and Karen danced over the waters.
Eric soaked his shoes dancing slowly up to his knees.
Karen kicked and leaped and laughed down the stars.
In with the meat, out with the bread.

In with the laughter, out with the song.
Harold took a crayon and drew the crescent moon along.
The policeman knew the way among the many windows.
The windows were around the moon.
In with the song, out with the laughter.

In with the bread, in with the wine
In with the salt, in with the song;
In with the sugar, in with the meat,
In with laughter, in with the milk.
Out with them all!