Smallville Memoirs

“Well, just start talking, just… into the recorder.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah, like, like that. That’s good. Nice and loud.”

“I can be loud.”

“I know you can be loud, you were always so loud, I could, uh, I could never get a word in.”

“Oh… that’s not true. I’m not going to do this, if you’re just going to lie like a rug.” [laughter]

“Well, so, do you remember…”

“Where should we start? Should I just start when we met, or, or, what?”

“Well, we could do that. We could work back from there if we have to…”


“Well, so, okay. I remember we met at, what was his name? Carl something.”


“Polson, yeah. He was having a –“

“Oh, but you’re getting it out of order. We didn’t meet there, we met earlier…”

“I don’t remember that…”

“Oh, sure, you do… remember, uh, well, maybe not. I saw you around, you always had your head in a book or something, I remember, and you would always wear a cape or something, and I thought –“

“I never wore a cape!”

“You did, I remember. You don’t remember, maybe, but I do. Or a, a, a long coat or something, very sweeping and dramatic, and I thought you were the biggest nerd…”