Someone keeps digging holes in Vivek’s backyard.
This is really becoming a problem.
During the summer it wasn’t so bad since he could always see them, but thanks to the end of the Daylight Savings Time there is much less light in the world.
“Oh,” laments Vivek, “if only we could spend that daylight, how wonderful the world should be!
What a never-ending summer we should enjoy!
What miracles of efficiency and beauty we should construct with limitless light to work in!”
Vivek has never been to the arctic circle where a single six-month day will shatter a man into powder.
But thankfully the government has, and can wisely exercise caution.
This is what governments are for!

Something had to be done about the diggers before Vivek breaks his neck.
He waits until he is alone and strings wires and fuses beneath the bushes.
He will catch the thief red-handed.
He is sleeping when the alarm sounds.
Action! thinks Vivek.
He runs outside with a shotgun and flips on the halogen flood lights.
Everything outside casts a sharp black shadow.
Nothing can hide in that penetrant beam of light.
But… there is nothing there!
Ghosts! thinks Vivek.