Probably Untrue Tales of the Saviour

32 Jesus was going around in Galilee, where many were healed. 33 A woman of the area came to him that he might bless her pig, who had just birthed a litter of smaller pigs (which is, in the common, piglets). 34 “Preacher,” she said, “it is written that the first born should be dedicated to the LORD for her bounty, but it is true that the pig came to her crisis in the darkest hours 35 and no one can say which was born first and which second.”

37 “What is the name of the animal?” he asked.

38 “Lord, it has no name,” said the woman. “For it is an uncleanly animal, to be sold to the Romans for their feasting.”

39 “This should not be,“, said Jesus. “Every beast of support must have a name.

40 “What shall I name it?” said the woman, in some confusion.

41 “Name it Hashiel,” he said (which in the tongue of the Hebrews is, Unclean for God) 42 “For it is an animal you would give to the Lord your God that you would not eat of yourself.” 43 The woman departed in consternation, lamenting in her heart. 44 And she wot not that she had spoken with the RoboJesus.