Avril and Bunsen

Avril wanted to know what being buried alive felt like.
So she got a shovel and dug a big pit in her backyard.
It took hours.
Digging was hard work!
Her dog Bunsen tried to help, but he just got in the way.
“Stop helping, Bunsen!” Avril cried.
When she got the hole deep enough to stand in, she took a break.
It was time for delicious lemonade.
So refreshing!
Then she made a sandwich out of paste and ham salad.
Avril loved paste, even though she knew she shouldn’t.
Paste was tasty!
She got in the hole and started pulling dirt down on top of her.
This was a fun game for Bunsen.
Soon the dirt was up to her thighs.
It was cool and solid.
Bunsen got tired.
“You’ll have to finish burying me,” said Avril.
Bunsen barked.
He liked helping people!
Soon only her head was out of the dirt.
She couldn’t use her arms to bury anything else.
She couldn’t move.
My, this was interesting!
“Okay, Bunsen! Come dig me out!”
But Bunsen was taking a nap!
And a swarm of army ants was thundering through the jungle!
Avril started to sweat.
Sweat was gross!