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Alexander Hammil is a collection of small stories — or microfiction, or flash fiction, as you prefer — written (mostly) by Andrew Seko. Here you’ll find detectives both private and public; dinosaurs; witches; demons and visionaries; murders; explorers; gods and monsters. Mostly these stories have little or nothing to do with each other, but sometimes they interact in strange and unexpected ways, like any good inventory item should.

>examine rolodex


You spin the rolodex, and choose a few cards at random:


Written by Vicky Vengeance (a sometimes contributor), Cinerarium is a mostly-defunct review and analysis movie site, focusing on old, weird, and cult movies. It’s now sadly passed into the shadowed vale from which few blogs return, but it was something, back in the day.


The art blog of shadowy artistic contributor No one in particular. Lots of goblins, beast creatures and elegant black and white art.


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