I, I, The Languishing Fly

A castle, upon a high and green cliffside, overlooking the stormy eastern sea. And within—

“Do the damn dishes, Leaping Flea. It is your goddamn turn!”

“I traded that with the Mischevious Mosquito last week! I’m doing garbage this week.”

“Don’t look at me, man, I did the dishes on Monday like I was supposed to. Creeping Louse made some sort of crazy souffle or something last night and just piled everything in the sink.”

“Hey, it was Date Night! Wriggly Lizard SWORE she’d do the dishes first thing this morning.”

“Get off my back, can’t you? Patricia Fox needed to get to work, SOMEBODY’S gotta make some money, buncha damn artists and poets, her car got wrecked.”

“Only because Highjump the Hare doesn’t know how to drive! You said you had your license, what the hell.”

“Hey, th-that wasn’t m-m-my fault, Wolf G-grayt-tail w-w-was m-m-making me laugh so hard I couldn’t steer st-straight.”

Wolf Graytrail shrugs. “Hey, I can’t help it if I’m hilarious.”

Eventually Bear Thicklegs wakes up and smashes the castle AGAIN. Why haven’t they kicked him out yet?