Like the thunder it comes! Rattling boom through the trees, flash of iridescent scale, flit of glorious wing, tongue of streaking fire—Rocketzaquatl!

Rocketzaquatl wasn’t always the magnificent figure that strikes fear and holy doubt into all who behold its radiant splendor. No! Once Rocketzaquatl was no more than ordinary snake SsssSssS, content to crawl on its belly and fill its mouth with dust, to bite the heel and to have its head crushed. Yes! Such indeed were the humble beginnings of mighty Rocketzaquatl! Until that day, that fateful day, when the fiery finger of science reached down from on high and struck SsssSssS, transforming it, glorifying it, revealing to it its obscure destiny—SsssSssS no more, but only Rocketzaquatl!

Mighty is it! Its flashing fangs fill foes with fear, its keen and cunning mind separates the just from the wretched, its wicked sweet jetpack is both awesome and rad, in accordance with prophecy! Rocketzaquatl lives!