What Remains

This is an image post. Inspiration for this sketch came from this image.

She’s eavesdropping. She’s pretending to examine the stuffed fox, but really she’s eavesdropping. She can only hear half of the conversation, and she doesn’t understand most of it, but she loves listening, anyway. Nobody’s smarter than her mother.

“…incredibly racist, and it’s bad fiscal policy on top of that. The economy is driven from the bottom, not from the top, and…”

The fox is a little threadbare in places. She picks at the loose threads, trying to make a hole big enough to get her finger inside. There’s nothing in there but stuffing, obviously. Probably.

“…most effective creator of new economic opportunity and new jobs. Uh huh, right. That’s what I’m talking about! Tax breaks? Even if they were interested in staying in the country…”

Its glass eyes glitter at her. They’re misted over now, white and blind. She rubs them with the corner of her shirt.

“…the larger you are, the less you pay. But even if they were staying here and paying back into the system, you’re just not getting the day to day spending…”

She reaches in to touch its leathery tongue. The eyes blink and focus on her, and the jaw slowly closes on her hand. She yelps.

“…just aren’t enough millionaires to make a noticeable… oh, hang on a second. What’s going on, Viv? Oh, honey, what did you do? Listen, I’ve got to go, we’ve got a minor situation over here. No, nothing too serious, Vivian’s just hurt herself somehow. I’ll call you back. Yeah, thanks. Bye!”

Her mother comes and lifts her up, kisses her soundly. “What happened, kiddo? Come on, we’ll get you loose. Hush, now, hush. You’re very brave. That’s a good girl.”