Jillian, Sheila, and Colleen

Jillian, Sheila, and Colleen have been captured by a wizard.

He wants them to marry him but they don’t like him.
“You’ll learn to love me,” he cackles. “Or I’ll feed you to my wolves!”
“Says you,” says Colleen, and spits in his eye.
That’s what Colleen is like!

While he’s off visiting his mother they escape.

On the way out Jillian fills her pockets with magic jewelry.
Some of it she knows how to use, some she doesn’t.
“You never know when you’ll need magic jewelry,” says Jillian.
That’s what Jillian is like!

A crow sees them escaping and tells the wizard.

He comes flying after them, lightning crackling in his fingers.
Jillian throws a ring at him and turns him into a statue.
Colleen breaks him into pieces with a big stick.
“Poor wizard,” cries Sheila, and bursts into tears.
That’s what Sheila is like!

The wizard lies in the field for centuries until a farmer digs him up.

“What a weird statue,” says the farmer.
He sells the wizard to a museum that puts him back together again.
The wizard comes back to life and yawns.
“Our statue!” cries the museum curator.
That’s what museum curators are like!