The Others, pt. 1

There are three main gangs kicking around the city, not counting yours. They’ve got a slew of different names – your own group, for instance, is variously the Wolves of the North, the 400s, the Highland Games, the Kings of a Community United in Friendship (you’d like to meet the person who coined that one and give him the ‘Happy Birthday’ treatment, and no fooling; KCUF? Really? That thing’s older than you are by at least a generation), and on and on – but everyone’s got a color that’s consistent whatever the name, so that’s how you mostly think about them. You’re the Yellows, across the river is Green territory, the warehouses are controlled by the Blues, and the Pink Ladies are everywhere.

Despite their name, the Pink Ladies are about equally men and women, but the name’s a legacy, and a badge of pride in a weird sort of a way. It’s not enough to be tough to be a Lady, you have to be cool, too; random fighting is grounds for expulsion. The Ladies are strategic. The Ladies change allegiance daily, depending on who’s up or down at any given time. The Ladies like underdogs; more than once you’ve seen them switch sides during the middle of a scrap just to keep the game alive.