The Red Feathers of Your Thighs

On the day of her wedding, Allison —

washes her herself from head to toe
anoints herself with rare oils
takes down the long cape of red feathers
and disappears within it.

Within the long cape of red feathers, her —

eyes peer slyly out of the bright red breast
arms flex and twitch the mighty wings
legs draw up to her chest as she launches herself into space
heart beats tirelessly.

Miles to go.

After twelve hours of flying —

she has twelve hours still to fly
her arms, her back, her lungs are on fire
she is over the ocean, which looks like a rumpled bedspread
two bodies beneath it
Oceanus, Tethys.

When the sun is setting, she —

stoops into the tower room
shakes out her feathers
finds the bridegroom resting on the long perch of the bed
wonders what he looks like underneath his plumage
slashes him with her talons.

Miles to go.