Gadolinium Guts

Noshabkeming the Radiant sat in the heart of a diamond for centuries on what would be the planet Valeria and contemplated his own majesty. The contortions of his face flared through the facets of the jewel and played in coruscant fire upon the tenebrous walls of the underplanet. As he was a god, Noshabkeming the Radiant was forever seated in the perfect lattice of compressed carbon; forever sailing through space; forever invoked, forever unknown.

The Dutchmen came to his planet and found him there, massive with gravity’s half-suspended swallow, and took the diamonds out with him. For this, Noshabkeming the Radiant took their children and made them in his own image, taught them his secret lore and his forever enemies, showed them his singular heaven and his nine hells. Being brawling sorts, his children loved the Hells and forgot the Heaven, carried him in golden totem in their hats and blasphemed his name. It is all the same to Noshabkeming the Radiant: his face peers through each facet individually and collectively.

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  1. Oh, but of course. E. E. has had a profound influence on me. We can only ever dream of that sort of universe-shaking scope.

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