Sometimes people go to the carnival who really don’t belong there.
They have heard stories and it makes them excitable.
They want to learn con games, they want to see the freaks.
Or weirder things.

“Come on,” says Ed Teacher. “I know you’re hiding something!”
“Go away, kid,” says Bopo. “I gotta get ready for something.”
(If by get ready for something you mean a bottle of gin.)
“I know you’re one of the Four-Who-Are-One!”
“Beat it!’

So Ed goes off and mooches around behind the tents.
“Stupid clown. Stupid ringmaster. Stupid gypsy lady.”
Ed is mad because he doesn’t have a curse on him.
How cool would that be, if he were cursed?
Wouldn’t have to be anything big; he’d put up with fast snails!

But he doesn’t realize that the gypsy lady had cursed him, when he was born.
She was there at his christening and she spoke prophecy:
He’ll be a young man most impolite
And do all his walking by night
And love lots of trash
And Bruce Campbell as Ash
And be rather unexceptionally bright.

They drove her out of the house with a shoe.