The Secret Riddling History of Lemuria and Atlantis

Stewart, his three o’clock, was soft-spoken and hairy, covered in golden jewelry. At the first appointment, he’d asked about the chains and Stewart had said, “Gold is a lion metal. When I wear these, the clinking helps keep me on the lion frequency.”

He’d written that down.

Stewart said, “She knew things no one else could have know, that’s why I thought she was real. Things I’d never told anyone, not even my sister, though she knew about them on her own.”

“As an example…?”

“I’ve never talked about this with anyone. I guess it doesn’t matter, since she knew anyway, but…”

“Everything you say here is confidential, you know that, Stewart.”

Stewart took a sip of water and the bracelets clanked on his wrists. He smiled slightly. “She knew about the Clear People who created the Reptilians. They’re not native to this galaxy, the Reptilians. The Clear People made them, and she knew that, and she knew that I knew that, and how could she have known that if she wasn’t from them?”

“When did you first see the Clear People?”

“I don’t know, early. Five or six, maybe. I’d be lying in bed and there’d be a noise in the closet and I’d have to go open the door and they’d be standing there. And they’d come out, and sometimes they’d turn into Reptilians just to show that they could, and whenever they did there’d be green or white slime on everything. From the transformation.”

He wrote down, possible history of abuse on his pad. father? uncle?

They were standing in the hallway when he came out of the shower that night, viscera faintly shining in the darkness.

wee need to talke about oure sonne, doctor