King Thief decides to have a birthday party.
It’s not his birthday, but he wants a cake and presents.
When you are the King Thief, you can just declare it your birthday and everyone has to agree with you.
“Go forth,” bellows King Thief, “and bring me cake. I hunger for cake!
Scurry, scurry, little thieves!
Hurry, hurry, little thieves, King Thief is impatient!

Some cake King Thief likes and some he doesn’t — like most people.
But just which cake King Thief likes and which he doesn’t changes pretty often.
He liked chocolate cake for a long time and then one day he was sick of it.
Anybody who even said “Chocolate Cake” was in for a Hiding.
(A Hiding is when they Hide you. If you don’t find yourself in time, you’re in trouble!)
That was a while ago, though.
None of the thieves know what kind of cake King Thief currently likes.
They have to guess!

“O, glorious cake, noblest of foods. How I have longed for your sweet crumbling.
This year everyone guessed right.

After the party, King Thief decides to have an Oxygen Hunt.
Things go poorly.