Deploy the Amnesia Powder!

Twelve years old is a hard time. Puberty sets in, hair starts growing, skin gets bad, voice breaks… the demons come. Perry discovered masturbation during the summer, awkwardly following the directions in Everything you always wanted to know about sex*, feeling bad about it in an intellectual sort of way, but not nearly so bad about it as he does during September, when the ground cracks open during an especially memorable orgasm and the demon Izapon rises from the sulfurous underworld.

“Holy shit,” says Perry, cum all over his hands.

“Massssssster,” says Izapon, and bows deeply. “As you have called me, so have I come.”

“Jesus!” Perry scrambles to cover himself, choking on his embarrassment, shame hot in his throat.

“I offer you wealth; power, too, I offer you that. I offer you anything you ask for.”

“Get out get out get out get out!”

Izapon bows and exits, smiling.

* But were afraid to ask