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Likes coffee, drinks seventeen cups in the morning and as many as fifty throughout the day. Sleeps easily and lightly, for six hours a night, no more, no less. Graduated from technical school, 1963, with associates degree in engineering. Employed for years in jobs relating to aerospace industry, civic works. Reads, science fiction, westerns. Married, 1977, four years, divorced no fault 1982, no children, no alimony.

Employed by state to examine and redesign execution equipment, 1980, with an eye toward increasing the humaneness and efficiency of the methods, despite moral qualms involving death penalty. Responsible for reworking of equipment in seventeen states, elimination in several of entire methods of execution. Especially opposed to hanging, feels it dangerous and too open to accidental injury of either operator or convicted.

Retired 2003. Volunteers for Citizens Against Execution and Citizens For Public Execution, under different names, figuring a society that must kill must also be able to face its victims.