Alex was going under a wave of zombies when a force picked him up and pressed him against the wall. Turning his head, he could just barely make out the rest of the survivors flattened similarly around the perimeter of the food court. The zombies were frozen in place where they stood.

In front of the Orange Julius, Sheila stood in front of the Zombie Master. Her words rang through the still and silent air. “Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to kill all of us?”

“….so lon…ely…”

“And you’re willing to kill us for that?” She bowed her head and a tremor went through her body. “If I… break your inertia… will you leave us alone?”

The Zombie Master reached for her with hungry hands.

“Christ, not again,” said the survivor to Alex’s left.

“They do this every week,” said Alex, and raised his voice. “You’re officially dating now! Just accept it!”