Guerilla Marketing

Resolve is still sitting in the apartment, legs crossed on the concrete floor. He is cleaning his gun, automatically.

Suddenly a lanky blonde girl in a green apron bursts into the room! She is holding a cup of coffee. “I need your opinion on this new blend and I don’t want to hear any backtalk!” She wears red cat’s-eye glasses.

Resolve just looks at her.

“I’m not fooling around, asshole! Drink the coffee!”

He reaches for his gun and starts reassembling it but she punches him in the face. “Drink the fuckin’ coffee, dipshit!”

Resolve spits a tooth into his palm and stares at it. He turns his colorless eyes on the girl again, and she shoves the coffee in his face. He takes it and sips it. The girl sits down on the bed and tucks her legs underneath her. She takes a small green notebook out of her apron.

“This is a South American/Pacific blend, with hints of black currant and light acidity. It should leave your mouth cleanly. It pairs with our new pepper wasabi cheese roll.”

“Hrm,” says Resolve. “I don’t know that I can taste the currant.”

She writes that down in her notebook.