November is a Novel Month

Jody and Mark are drinking coffee and talking. “Imagine,” Jody laughs, “just like in a bad novel. Should we have a discussion about Hegel, or sexuality?”

“Why not Hegel and sexuality?” Mark takes a long drink of his coffee. “What’s the most philosophical place you’ve ever done it?”

Jody takes a sip and looks out the window. “Oh, how sad the sky looks when it’s gray and sunless like that! As if there’s no hope left in the world.”

“There’s always hope.” Mark reaches past the sugar bowl and the salt cellar in the shape of the wicked witch of the west to put his hand on hers. “There’s always hope when you’re here.”

Jody blushes. Suddenly a large man in black comes into the room. He has a gun! “I want the jewels,” he growls.

“Oh, this is too much,” yells Mark, and throws down his spoon. “How cliched can you get?”

“It gets worse,” says Jody. “I poisoned your coffee.”