Caleb Borne Across the Water

Joshua was a warrior, of course, and gloried in it as Caleb never did though the two of them had been the first and the only for the longest time to have crossed the river into the sweet land. But they both fought, of course, of course; what else could they do? And so they tore down the walls and they trampled the vineyards and salted the fields and burned all the treasures in the fires of the lord, but it was Joshua who was exalted and not Caleb. No, not Caleb. But Caleb was married and safe.

And one day the battle went long and the troops were pushed to the point of exhaustion and the city sitting there atop of its wells and it were death to stay the night and so Joshua stopped the sun. And for a week and a half of unending sunlight the battle raged on, and the winds blew without blowing and the blood flowed and stopped with death but the dead lay groaning on the battlefield without release, until finally all they had was washed away and Joshua let the sun start again. After that he was marked, and a man apart, with the horns of Moses upon his brow.