Inside Out

There was an old pornographic movie playing silently at the other end of the room when Stacey was ushered in. Three people sat watching it, a man and a woman, listlessly masturbating. “Don’t mind them,” said Micah, “they must have their fun, after all.”

“They don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves very much.”

“Well, it’s early in the afternoon yet. The real fun doesn’t get started until tonight, you know.” Stacey grunted. “Tonight’s a big one — of course they’re all special, but tonight — tonight’s unique. It’s our twelfth anniversary, you know, and that’s important to us.”

“Why the twelfth?”

“It’s private, I’m afraid. I know I shouldn’t have brought it up but there you are and what can you do? Nevertheless tonight is special and we don’t want anything to go wrong if we can help it. Normally we handle our own security but some of the newer members are, well, a little bit nervous. Not quite used to things yet, still afraid someone out there might try something.” He said ‘out there’ as though it tasted foul. “Mendelssohn gave us your name as someone reliable and discreet. Most importantly discreet.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing too much, hopefully. Just be on hand in case something does happen and make sure no one unexpected comes in. You’ll have a guest list and a timetable.”

Stacey was amused. “A bouncer?”

“No, no, we’ve got our own. You can talk to them if you think it’s called for but they’re very professional and they’ve been with us for years. No, we want you to circulate through the party and make sure everyone is what they should be.” He coughed. “Ah, without anyone knowing, if possible.”